Snow Day in Asheville

1/6/2017 Update – Asheville Snowfall is expected to hit 5 inches in the next 16 hours! We have the possibility of snow tubing in Asheville city limits and will update with pictures if the snow comes down.

Snow Days in Asheville are rare, so many of the locals get hyped up when we have a chance for a good dusting. Storms coming from the West are hard to predict for total snow accumulation, but we are planning ahead and trying to find the best spots for the kids if the snow hits.

First things first. Asheville is not a northern city and most people are not used to the snow in city limits. Please be careful when traveling and always have some backup supplies in your car in case you get stuck on a side street. If you leave the city and head up into the mountains, please bring extra supplies.


Recommended Hills in Asheville for Sledding

  1. Montford Park РThe most recommended sledding location for locals in Asheville. The park will fill up with families and adults, turning into a neighborhood party. Park and walk to the baseball fields. Expect a few groups grilling and drinking beers while people of all ages sled. If the snow gets deep enough, kayaks, canoes, ironing boards and every type of contraption will show up.
  2. Weaver Park – Recommended for the smaller kids or if you want less of a crowd. Gentle slopes and no traffic will allow the family to play together.
  3. UNCA Campus – A college campus always provides fun. The dorm area will have groups playing, but don’t count on it being the most kid friendly place.

Accessible Parks in Asheville

Not interested in sledding and tubing? Want to take the kids out to the parks for outdoor pictures? These parks are very easy to reach in the snow and the kids will enjoy them.

  1. UNCA Botanical Gardens – A peaceful park on the edge of UNCA Campus. Enjoyable in all seasons and will provide photo opportunities. The visitor center can be used as a chance to warm back up.
  2. Beaver Lake Walking Trail – Enjoy a walk around the lake. Possibly the flattest walking trail in North Asheville. Head over to the Bird Sanctuary if you want a walk in the woods.
  3. French Broad Greenway – Wide paved path through downtown along the French Broad River. Carrier Park is located in the middle of the Greenway.
  4. Roy Pope Memorial Park in Woodfin – Playgrounds are always a good bet in the snow. Clear and padded ground with flat parking lots.
  5. Carrier Park in Downtown РEnclosed wooden playground along the French Broad Greenway. Accessible from many locations and easy to walk from parking lot or the trails.  The playground has a bathroom facility for the longer trips.

Snowy Hikes

The highest recommended hike near town for snow is the Rattlesnake Lodge trail. Rattlesnake Lodge Hiking trail is a 1.4 mile gradual hike from Ox Creek Road. Other hikes will provide better visuals and long range views, but require driving up icy roads. Ox Creek Road is more accessible than other destinations. For a full review, please check out Romantic Asheville’s review.

Adult or Dangerous Sledding Hills

These hills were recommended from locals who enjoy adventurous hills. I do not recommend them for kids, but will list them in case some parents want to go to the big hills.

  1. Lakeshore Drive behind the Fresh Market in North Asheville.
  2. Craven Street near the overpass. The area was under construction and your sledding might hit debris.
  3. Kimberly Lane and Country Club Road near the Grove Park Country Club. The roads are still open, but groups will set up as lookouts on the big hill.

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