Roy Pope Memorial Park

The Woodfin playground is an absolute hidden gem of the area. Located on the west side of the Woodfin exit, Roy Pope Memorial Park is very easy to find and covers all of your kid’s needs. The park is clean with bathrooms, fully fenced in and has enough space that the kids can spread out. Two climbable structures with 9 slides, climbing rocks, swing sets and a sand pit. A pavilion is open use next to the playground for picnics and play dates. The playground is located between a school and the town hall in a good neighborhood.

When we lived in North Asheville, Roy Pope Memorial Park was out favorite playground. We found ourselves in the habit of going each week at the same times meeting different families. The surrounding community is so nice that we always had play dates at the playground. Many of the parents in the area visit the Toddler Time at the North Asheville library, then swing by the playground before heading off for nap times or shopping trips. If you live in the area, check out the Toddler Time at the Libraries, it is a great way to make friends with other parents.

The climbable structures are shaped like two separate castles. A variety of steps, mini rockwalls and poles give kids of all ages safe and easy ways to get up for the slides. It is fun watching the kids progress and gain confidence to try the different climbs up.  In between the two castles is a dragon providing the perfect area to run around playing tag. If the kids are into climbing around, a pyramid shaped rope tower is on the side of the playground in a mulch pit. The ropes are sturdy enough that parents can climb up with the kids and have fun.

Continue down the page to view some pictures of the park. If you are looking for other playgrounds in the area, check out the full list we are working on.

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Roy Pope Memorial Park, Woodfin NC