Carrier Park Wooden Playground
Carrier Park is an playground area located on the French Broad River Greenway. We recommend the playground for older kids and mixed aged families. The park is the best one for combining bicycles and playgrounds.
Quick Bits:
  • Fenced in Playground
  • Stroller Access
  • Full Bathroom Facility
  • Playground designed for older kids
The complex contains a wooden playground, basketball court and roller hockey rink. A large bicycle ring surrounds the complex, known as a the MellowDrome. The MellowDrome was used for short track car racing. The track is now used for bicycle training and family joy rides. The track works out well for families. Take the kids and bikes to the track, ride around until tired and then enjoy the playground. Carrier Park is on the French Broad Greenway a few miles from downtown. The playground parking lots are on both sides of the park. The walking trails circle around the MellowDrome and connect to the Greenway trail. The only way into the playground is on the North side of the circle near Amboy road. A bathroom facility is at the base of the staircase between the parking lots. A staircase and ramp connect and head over the circle and drop down into the playground complex. When traveling over the staircase, inner circle of the track becomes a contained park. The roller hockey ring and beach volleyball court are on the perimeter. The basketball court is in the middle and ringed by picnic tables for groups. Most weekends a crowd of kids are playing around the area giving your kids a chance to socialize. The wooden playground is well maintained and clean.

The playground has a mixture of activities. A dozen slides of various heights and speeds. Mini rock wall for bouldering style climbing. A set of full size swings and a set of enclosed toddler swings. A couple of rubberized bouncy bridges scatter around the playsets. For the little ones, a wooden bus, car and plane let the kids sit in the driver chair. From our experience, the design of the playground is for older kids. The end of the slides are too high for small kids requiring adults to catch them. The upper areas have large openings for the sliding poles and climbing net. If your child is still in the hand holding stages, the upper areas of the playground are nerve wracking for solo play.
Carrier Park Playground
The section of the playground near the infant swings is set up for the smaller kids. The bouncy bridge is a foot off the ground and connected to a tube. The steps leading up to the slide are smaller and walled in. Parents can stand at the base of the slide and let the smallest adventurers make it up on their own. Tunnels to climb through are prefect for the little explorers. Most tunnels are large enough or short enough for the parent to reach them if needed. The fencing around the infant area creates one entry point.
Playing at Carrier Park Playground
Overall, the Carrier Park Playground is perfect for older kids. The enclosed space lets the parents sit back and have the kids socialize at their own pace. For the family trip, add a section of the French Broad River Greenway to your day. The total Greenway is 3 miles long. Walk around the area and explore the trails down to the French Broad River or enjoy a bike ride. Read more about the Greenway from our last trip.
Carrier Park Greenway



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