Roy Pope Memorial Park, Woodfin NC

One of the hardest parts of visiting a new city is finding nice safe places for the kids to spend energy. Asheville Playgrounds are a great choice, but you never know how they will be once you get there. As we explore the Asheville playgrounds with our daughter, we want to share the experience for other parents.  We will try to rate the safety for the kids, the playground neighborhood, if it works for each age bracket and the cleanliness of the area. Hopefully our enjoyment and learning experience will help future visitors.

Roy Pope Memorial Park

Absolute hidden gem of the area. Located on the west side of the Woodfin exit, the park is very easy to find and covers all of your needs. The park is clean with bathrooms, fully fenced in and has enough space that the kids can spread out. Two climbable structures with 9 slides, climbing rocks, swingsets and a sand pit. The ground is covered in a soft bouncy rubber. A pavillion is open use next to the playground for picnics and play dates. The playground is located between a school and the townhall in a good neighborhood.

View more details and pictures of the park here.

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Weaver Park

One of the easiest playgrounds to find by downtown.  Weaver Park is about 1.5 miles north of downtown on Merrimon Avenue. You can park on Merrimon and take the short (100 yards and stroller accessible) walking path to the playground, or park off Murdock Ave at the playground. The playground is great for toddlers as all of the equipment is accessible. The playground has one structure with 3 slides, a swing set, a small sandpit and a few animal seesaws. Depending on the age bracket, the playground might be a bit small for the older kids. Weaver Park is recommended for Snow Days if you live nearby.

As a nice bonus to the trip, the entire family can walk to Luella’s Bar-B-Que for a nice lunch. Luella’s is one of the barbecue places recommended to visitors and is a 3 to 5 minute stroller walk from the playground.

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Lake Louise

Lake Louise playground has mixed reviews depending on the age of your kids. It is highly recommended for the older kids, but has some worries for toddlers. Lake Louise is located on the edge of Weaverville and is a great playground for a small town. The playground parking is on the North side of the lake, and sometimes it is hard to get a spot. The playground has a large structure with a half dozen slides. The worry for toddlers is due to the spacing. It is harder for adults to accompany the kids up to the top and there are large openings between the slides. If your child can run through the equipment without hand holding, the playground is a great stop. Take them around the lake and see the ducks, fountain and waterwheel!

Lake Louise Playground, Weaverville NC

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Murphy-Oakley Park

Murphy-Oakley has a field, tennis courts, a pavilion and a small playground. By itself the park is small for a good kid adventure, but the park and the next door Oakley/South Asheville Library make the perfect combo for kids.  Park at the library and walk south 100 feet and you are at the playground. A swingset, large equipment with three slides and a few bouncy animal toys. The playground is well maintained and safe for the kids. The ground is mulched and everything is plastic coated. Once they are tired out, head over to the library to the awesome kids room that is closed from the rest of the library. The staff encourage you to read to the kids and you can worry less about the noise.

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Carrier Park Playground –

Carrier Park is an playground area located on the French Broad River Greenway. We recommend the playground for older kids and mixed aged families. The park is the best one for combining bicycles and playgrounds.  Click here for full details!



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