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When we post pictures of our Blue Merle Border Collie, people always ask about him. The page is devoted to pictures that we have uploaded in other locations. When he comes on adventures with us, I will add the pictures here.

Backstory – The wife and I have always had dogs growing up. My dogs were outside dogs in a rural area, she always had indoor dogs.  We wanted a puppy together for a very long time, but i was the strict one and said we had to wait until we had our own house with a yard. We would visit humane shelters and play with puppies to get our fix. Over time we talked about the different dogs we liked, and i really wanted a dog that would play frisbee with me. So my joke was a border collie that looked like an Australian shepherd. I had no clue they existed, i was wrong. Years go by, and we end up buying a house. We sign the contract to close and have three weeks before we can move in. The morning after signing the contract, Sam smacks me awake at 6am and says we have to see a puppy. This is the picture she showed me.

Blue Merle Border Collie Puppy

One glace at the picture and i knew all my usual defensive maneuvers were gone. We were on the road at 7am driving two hours to go “see” the puppy. By 9:01am we were bringing home our dog. On the way home we had to stop for a photo shoot. He was a natural.

Border Collie Puppy

Over the next three weeks before the move, we worked very hard on potty training and learning to stick with us when outside in the yard. He loved to jump around us and chase anything we could throw. Puppies always have energy, but a border collie puppy is on a whole other level. I am glad we spent time researching about the breed before our decision, or the energy would have shocked us. Tennis balls littered the house and we spent hours each night chasing them around.

Blue Eyes Border Collie Puppy

When we moved to our new house, Pirate was the perfect age to start exploring his new yard. Our house had a third of an acre, the largest lot we could find in the suburbs. He had all of the sticks he could chase and a good running path for Frisbee. We started going to the dog park every other day to socialize him as much as possible.

Young Border Collie playing

We enter the rebellious years when he turned 1. Here he is sneaking a late night cigar. He seems proud of himself.

Border Collie smoking a cigar

During this time, outdoor pictures are usually a blur. You can’t tire him out and we play catch every day after work. He made trenches across the yard for his running loop and started making catches head level.

Border Collie catching a frisbee

The only way to get him to stop moving for a picture is hiding his frisbee behind your back. This is his “throw me the frisbee now” face.

Blue eyed border collie

On camping trips, or on the couch, he likes to steal your chair so you have to squish next to him. We don’t mind.

Camping with a border collie

The constant face of wanting attention. As you walk through the yard or working in the garden, he is always there waiting for the next throw.

Border collie in the garden

In our neighborhood, we have a flock of turkeys that hang around. They get very close and now a game has evolved. He stands still trying to lure them in, and the turkeys see how close they can get. The baby and I stand still while she shouts BIRD BIRD over and over. It makes the morning walk eventful.

Walking our border collie

After spending his entire life in Florida, this winter thing catches us off guard. One night i did not turn the heaters in our room up appropriately. He did not want to leave the covers that morning.

Dog hiding in bed

I was not sure how he would handle the snow. He loved winter back in Florida, but we don’t have a real winter. The first snow came down in the middle of the day and totaled a half inch. This was his warm up. Overnight five more inches came down and he was in heaven. We jumped and hopped around the backyard. Here is his focus face when i took to long to throw the toy.

Border Collie in the Asheville Snow

Thank you for humoring us and reading about our puppy. Share your dog pictures with us on Twitter or Instagram. We love dogs and enjoy sharing.





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