Hiking Moore Cove Falls Trail

Hi Parents!

Asheville is a city that attracts individuals from across the world. A world class combination of outdoor living, farm to table restaurants, nationally known local breweries, and some of the best seasonal destinations .  You can find many sites listing all of the locations and best trips, but it is very hard to plan a trip that will cover the entire family.

My family sought out the city and researched many options before finally relocating with a job offer. One of the hardest parts was finding activities we could attend with a toddler, who at the time was 14 months old. As we discovered groups and talked with other parents, the same issue kept coming up. We decided to create the website to share our trips and experiences to help active parents find great destinations around the city. Our goal is providing direct information that parents need when searching for activities. We document our trips and provide feedback for other adventuring parents.

If you read the site and have ideas and hidden gems you would like to share, please contact us! We enjoy the trips and would love to give you credit.