Eliada Corn Maze near Asheville

Enjoying the Eliada Corn Maze –

Fall in the mountains calls for the Eliada Corn Maze adventure! The Eliada Corn Maze near Asheville is a wonderful charity event. We won tickets to Eliadas corn maze so we decided to go have a fun morning!  One hundred percent of the proceeds for this event go toward helping the children Eliada serves through its nonprofit. It was definitely a beautiful Saturday morning here in the mountains. When we walked in there was fun things to do all around. We had to decide where to start and decided to let the kid take lead.

They have a fun activities for even the smallest kids to enjoy. You can choose to walk down the hill towards the maze, or even more fun slide your way down! We started off with a small hay bale maze to let our daughter get the hang of it. She may have copied one of us cheating climbing over the top to get out. Next to kid’s haybale maze, the event had lanes set up for bouncing inflatable horse raises. Even the adults were having fun trying to “gallop” their way down. I am pretty sure the adult bouncy horses are only their for kids to laugh at the parents.
Kid Friendly Corn Maze
 Arriving at the entrances to the corn maze we found there are 3 different mazes. One this year was about 2 miles, one 1 mile and a shorter .2 mile maze. We started on the shorter maze geared towards young children. Along the maze they have pages to a story about Spookley the pumpkin which our daughter loved. She would race though the maze to get to the next page to hear the rest of the story! Wear appropriate shoes for the weather and stick on to the trail.
Story Trail Corn Maze

So much CORN!

Once we successfully mapped our way out of the mazes we found ourselves next to a giant “sand” box of corn kernels. This was by far our daughters favorite part. Sitting in the kernels, burying herself, crawling and jumping with cheers of delight! I may or may not have jumped in myself seeing how much fun she was having! The corn pit attracted tons of kids and was enjoyed by a wide range of ages. Next to the corn pit, a big spider web net is setup for the kids to climb. Sometimes these nets are hard for the small kids, but the net used a small enough mesh that our two year old could climb around by herself.

Corn Sand Pit

After playing for awhile we saw the tractor pull up ready for the next tour! We hopped on in and enjoyed a nice relaxing ride around and through the maze to see the rest of the grounds. The tractor moves slowly around the perimeter letting the kids spot the flowers and birds hopping through the corn stalks.

If that wasn’t enough there’s also a giant inflatable pillow to jump on like a trampoline. With this much fun we were approaching nap time so we didn’t go through the largest of mazes or shoot from the corn cannon. On our way out, we noticed many families brought a picnic lunch and sat down to recharge before going for another round. Next time we will do the same. For a spur of the moment trip, our family had tons of fun. We will definitely be back to enjoy another beautiful fall morning!