Devil's Courthouse Views near asheville

Devil’s Courthouse is a breathtaking panoramic view located south of Brevard on the Blue Ridge Parkway.   The Devil’s Courthouse Trail starts off from a parking lot overlook near the popular Graveyard Fields parking lot.  A short partly paved trail climbs in elevation to reach the top of the mountain during a half mile hike. The top of the trail offers long range views year round making the stop a perfect addition to a Blue Ridge Parkway trip.

We visited Devil’s Courthouse on a multi stop trip during a clear early fall day. We started the day with Sunrise at the Pisgah Inn, then continued on to Skinny Dip Falls. Afterwards we went further out to Devil’s Courthouse. Arriving just after lunch, the parking lot was only half full. The parking was a pleasant surprise after passing the congestion of Graveyard Fields on the parkway. From the parking lot, look up and slightly to the left to view the peak of Devil’s Courthouse. The mountain was named after its sinister look and many local legends. Today the peak is known for the alpine flora which is extremely rare in the area. Due to the fragile plants, the trail is paved most of the way and signs encourage the hikers to stay on the trail.

Devil's Courthouse Easy Hike

The trail from the parking lot takes the hikers back along the Blue Ridge Parkway to the entrance. Once you start, the trail starts heading uphill. While the path is smooth and paved, the long uphill can quickly tire out young legs. Plan on carrying young kids or taking plenty of breaks on the short hike.Before you decide to purchase a replica watch you need to have a plan of attack; questions to ask yourself in regards to replica watches are as follows.What type of replica watch you are a looking for and which online site is selling the most authentic looking replicas around; you must also have an idea about what price you are willing to pay for a knockoff, the going price for a high quality replica watch runs anywhere from $150.00-$600.00 which is well below the price of an original designer watch – It was our second trail of the day after visiting Skinny Dip Falls in the morning, but the short half mile trail packs in a nice little climb.

Paved Hiking on Devil's Courthouse

At the halfway point, the trail cuts back and turns into a rock gravel path. The path is still easy to navigate with a few large steps on the way. Keep making your way up to the top, and once you reach the staircase you made it. The peak of the mountain is walled off for safety and to help keep visitors away from the fragile nesting sites. The peak is very similar to Craggy Pinnacle, which is another amazing viewpoint on the Blue Ridge Parkway. We spent some time at the top enjoying the views and spotting other popular mountains. The rock wall has metal plaques with sight lines and descriptions of the mountains.  The small additions make a huge improvement for sightseeing. I really enjoy when the trails have the small touches to help everyone enjoy the area.

Kids Hiking near Asheville

Our daughter fell asleep on the last bit of the climb, so we sat down and enjoyed the small break letting her nap. Part of the fun on the less popular trails is meeting the other hikers. We met nice people from all sorts of areas, up on a mountain looking to take a break. The fact that parents on a getaway, a day tripper from Atlanta, or a gentleman on a two week roadtrip can all wind up on the same ledge and enjoy each others company truly speaks well for the area. While the short climb and views might not be a whole day excursion, the Devil’s Courthouse is a perfect addition to any trip in the area. We will have to swing by again when the leaves fully change colors.

On our way home, we swung southeast on 276. This route took us down the mountain through the Cradle of Forestry, passing Sliding Rock, Moores Cove and Looking Glass Fall before arriving in Brevard. The drive is very scenic and can avoid some of the traffic on the Blue Ridge if you find yourself in a hurry.

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